The Wine Mile


Tickets for The Wine Mile include:
- The Wine Run shirt
- a wine tumbler filled with our signature sangria
- access to The After Party
- and last, though never least, wine tasting

The Wine Mile heats will occur every 30 minutes beginning at 1:30 PM. We won't have a structured heat format so you can jump into whatever time slot works best once you get here. We'll take about 30 people per heat.

Registration & Check In: begins at 10:30 AM. This is where you'll select your heat time.
Line Up: about 5 minutes before your heat

Then you're off to mosey a half mile on down the road to the wine tent.  After some sampling, find your way back to the start and we'll have a cold tumbler of sangria with your name on it, and turn you loose to do some cool down wine tasting, music listening, and food truck bingeing.

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