Winter White

This seasonal semi-sweet white is definitely on the nice list
– Pairs with seasonal flavors –


Now THIS is a girl’s best friend
– Pairs with dessert –

2015 Seyval Blanc

A crisp, clean, dry white that’s appropriate before AND after Labor Day

– Pairs with the basics –

2013 Riesling

Semi-dry and fruity - a perfect balance
– Pairs with everything holiday. –

Vidal Blanc

Take your mouth on a tropical vacation with this semi-dry white
– Pairs with lighter fare and spicy foods –


Make a splash with this semi-dry white
–Pairs with the hot tub after skiing.–


A sweet, juicy white that reminds us of childhood (is that weird?)
– Pairs with light flavors –

Summer Breeze

Fresh, fruity, and crisp - the perfect refreshment.
– Pairs with (thoughts of) warm days by the water. –