Meet The Family

Glades Pike Winery started out as a family business, and both the business and our definition of family have expanded since that time.

At the root of our family tree are Steve and Karen – the couple who joined a winemaking club for fun and ended up with a new business on their hands. Branching out, you’ll find our tight knit staff who welcome customers into our “home” with open arms and, of course, bottles. Those customers are part of the family, too. Many become regulars, not only as customers, but as our goodwill ambassadors - spreading the word and bringing their friends into our happy little home.

Steve & Karen


What do you get when you cross a hobby with an MBA final project? You’re lookin’ at it! Steve and Karen had joined some friends in a winemaking club at just about the same time as Steve was finishing up his MBA. When a project came up to develop a business plan, Steve chose a winery - and bam! - Glades Pike was born. (There was a lot more hard work that went into it than that, but you get the idea.)



At the heart of what we do is make wine, and at the heart of our winemaking is Josh. He came to us in 1999, took over as winemaker in 2004, and immediately began to experiment with our wine list. He has his own way of doing things - combining modern technologies like using ozone sanitation instead of chemicals in the wine making process, with traditional artisanal methods of hand pressing small batches. Based on the creative varietals he’s concocted like the Black & Blue, Mead, and the expanded dry red selection, we’re happy to let him do his thing.



Liz was just a little kid when she started here at the winery, helping Steve and Karen scrub the floors and wash the tanks. (It's cool - they are her parents, so child labor laws don't really apply.) Before you start feeling TOO badly for the little Cinderella, you should know that she eventually came back to run the place. In 2007, she traded in her cubicle and soul crushing corporate job to take over as manager of Glades Pike and keep her parents' dream alive. No pressure or anything.


Marketing Guy

If you heard it through the grapevine, it’s because Scott put it out there. Our marketing, event, social media and communications master, Scott is all about the customer experience at Glades Pike, both at the winery and online. He's the guy who will not only remember your face and name when you walk in after a year, but he'll remember the slightly off-colored joke you made to your friends when you were here last.


Wedding + Events Planner

Every crazy crew needs someone to keep them in line, and at Glades Pike, that’s our Monica. She’s in charge of making sure that every day goes off without a hitch, whether it’s a wedding day, a Wednesday, or a wedding day ON a Wednesday. She has a sixth sense for thinking of – and handling – things that you never thought about or anticipated, so every Glades Pike Winery wedding is just as memorable for the guests as it is for the bride (well, almost!).